About US

Fitivision is an innovative solution provider. We focus on ODM/JDM cooperations as the best partner for 3rd parties’ choice. Our designed production of IP cameras and WiFi networks & IoT devices for the leading companies.

At present, we have accomplished industry IOT Sub-1G/BLE mesh topologies. This results can be saved RD developing resources and schedules for launched iIoT products without wired environments. Within our long-term commitments and partnerships we believe to provide the robust products and solid businesses for customers.



現在、我們完成了工業級別的IoT Sub-1G/BLE mesh 相關佈局、這樣的結果可以節省研発投入的資源及時間、達成工業級產品在無需再佈綫的環境下快速問市。相信我們長期的支援及合作服務、定能提供客戶最妥善的產品及給予最穩定的生意。

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